Evelyn Thibault, EA

Tax Accountant

ThibaultEvelyn joined the Boston Harbor team in 2020 as an Administrative Assistant. Her role requires the support and execution of daily tasks and responsibilities for the many functions on our team. This includes being a resource to our leadership team, financial advisors, and affiliates, as well as managing a varied task list to support a fast-paced environment.

Evelyn’s background uniquely prepared her for her role on our team. She spent more than a decade teaching history, writing, and educational technology to high school and middle school students. From classroom management to balancing the many roles and expectations of a teacher, Evelyn applies these same essential skills to the efficient operations of our team. She naturally gravitates toward taking on many responsibilities, which prepared her for the nonstop pace that her position requires.

She is detail-oriented and focuses on finding solutions. If an issue is identified, she will take the steps necessary to solve it, including research to understand all facets of a problem as well as the many possible solutions available. In her former role, these skills helped her produce yearbooks and design field trips to Italy; in her current position, she uses them to tackle projects for multiple departments.

Evelyn earned her Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College and her Master of Arts from Brown University.


My family is originally from Vermont, but I grew up on military bases in three states and two countries while my father was in the Air Force. I developed a love of traveling and exploring from a young age because of the experiences I had moving as a child.

My husband and I have a young daughter, Eliza. We are always on the go and keep active as a family, traveling to visit friends and spending time outdoors. Florida is one of our favorite destinations, where we enjoy Universal Orlando and Disney World as well as the abundant sunshine.

Most of my free time lately is spent fulfilling my duties as a Girl Scout troop co-leader. My troop of thirteen spirited and brilliant young girls are interested in everything, which challenges me in the best ways possible. They want to earn every badge that exists, from coding to taking care of pets, as well as camping and selling those ever-popular cookies. Planning meetings and activities keeps me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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